Vampire Face Lift: Why It’s Important To Exercise And Lose Weight Before The Procedure

A very new procedure, the Vampire face lift, has longer lasting effects and is less invasive than traditional face lifts. However, you cannot have the procedure if you are overweight and have excess fatty tissue on your cheeks or jowls. As you will see, it is important to exercise and lose some weight before a cosmetic surgeon can perform this procedure.

Fillers and Your Own Fat

Wrinkle fillers iron out the lines in your face. If the lines are barely noticeable because you are a little heavy, the cosmetic surgeon cannot properly assess how much filler to use. If you were to lose weight after your lines were filled, the lines could stick out from your face, making the wrinkles appear more prominent. Because this type of face lift also uses some of your own fat as a filler for these areas, the results are more apparent should you lose weight after the procedure. This is why so many cosmetic surgeons request that you lose some weight before considering this type of face lift.

The Blood Platelets and Your Extra Skin

Because rounder, heavier faces already have more blood vessels, the injection of blood platelets during the face lift to create more blood vessels and increase a rosy glow can actually backfire on you. You could end up looking like someone with sunburn or rosacea instead of just pink, healthy cheeks. People with fair skin and fleshy faces are most susceptible to this problem. This is the second reason why your cosmetic surgeon will recommend a healthy dose of exercise to lose weight before reassessing you for this type of face lift.

Tricking Your Cheeks to Plump When They Are Already Plump

The last part of a good Vampire face lift is creating plump flesh over your cheek bones. If you already have some fleshy plump over your cheek bones, you do not want to double that effect and end up looking like a chipmunk. Exercise is key in reducing your weight, and reducing the fleshiness of your face. Then the face lift will look much better on you.

Consulting with Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Although this kind of face lift is quite the rage now, it is not for everyone. The only way to know for certain if it is right for you is to have a consult with your plastic surgeon. He or she can adequately determine if it will work for you and how much work you have to put in physically before he or she can even do the procedure.

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