3 Important Tips For Choosing A Home Fitness Personal Trainer

Choosing a home fitness personal trainer can be a challenge, especially if there are many candidates to choose from where you live. After making a list of potential trainers in your area, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. The following tips will help you choose the right personal trainer for your needs.

Interview Candidates

After amassing a list of various potential candidates, make arrangements to meet (or talk on the phone with) your top picks. You'll want to make the best of your time with each person, so it's important to prepare a list of questions for each conversation. Training style is one of the most important things you'll need to discuss with each candidate. The world of home fitness personal trainers offers a lot of variety in terms of training styles. Some trainers may be nurturing and supportive, while others are hard-lined drill sergeants. When choosing a trainer from this kind of spectrum, it's up to you to know what type of motivation you require.

In addition, you'll need to ask each candidate about a variety of factors that will influence your decision, including:

  • Cost. Different trainers will charge in different ways. Ask each trainer about their different packages, the price for individual sessions, payment schedules and refund policies.
  • Credentials. There are many different accrediting agencies that certify personal trainers. Ideally, your personal trainer will be accredited by a nationally recognized group, like the National Strength and Conditioning Association or the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Availability. It's not good enough to find someone who fits your personal style, you must also find someone who is available on your schedule. (In fact, since lack of availability can be a non-starter, you may wish to find out this information before arranging to meet with each candidate if you're meeting with them in person.)
  • Experience. What you're looking for here is relevant experience, because the best candidate will have a background helping someone with similar fitness goals. Find out how much experience each candidate has working with someone like you.

Ask for References

Once you've narrowed your search down to a few key candidates, ask for references. Ideally, the references you call will be people that have similar personal fitness goals. When calling references, ask each person if they have managed to accomplish their goals under the direction of that trainer.  

Do a Trial Run

Don't lock yourself into a contract with the first trainer you choose. If you can, do a trial run for the first few sessions. This is especially important if you've never had a home personal fitness trainer before, because you may not yet know what type of trainer will work best for you. It's important to stay flexible early in the process.