Are You Ready To Get In Shape After Your Divorce? 4 Tips To Prep For Your Personal Fitness Consultation

The process of going through a divorce often causes people to think about self-improvement. You might also have more time to go to the gym, and feeling physically better can have a huge impact on your mental health. While you are eager to get fit, you may have realized that it has been some time since you participated in a serious workout. When you are serious about getting in shape, a personal fitness consultation can help you find someone to help you figure out what works best for your body. These four tips will help you prepare for your first consultation so that you are ready to talk to the trainer.

Think About Your Prior Fitness Challenges

Your first consultation should involve a conversation that lets the trainer get to know more about your past experiences with exercise. Spend a few minutes thinking about what challenges have caused you to struggle with fitness in the past. Did you find it hard to workout alone, or did you make a mistake that caused an injury? These types of things help a trainer to know how to put together a plan that works for you.

Make a List of Your Goals

Personal trainers also like to know what you hope to get out of their services. For instance, some people want to create a visually more appealing body. Others want to simply strengthen their muscles to prevent chronic pain or injuries. You may also have goals for the frequency of your workouts or a specific skill that you want to master. Bring this list with you to the consultation so that the trainer can help you decide what you can realistically achieve.

Dress Comfortably

During your consultation, you should expect to do some moving around. Your fitness trainer will want to conduct a few assessments that give them a better idea of your flexibility and strength. You may do a step test or a timed walk or jog to assess your cardiovascular fitness. You may also do some squats, lunges and other moves. Wearing comfortable clothing helps you to complete each test, and it helps the trainer assess your posture and general body lines.

Keep an Open Mind

Finally, one of the most important things that you can do before your consultation is get in the right mindset. Although it can feel a little awkward to tell someone new about your workout challenges and exercise while they watch, it is helpful to remember that their whole goal is to help you succeed. Following your consultation, the trainer will give an outline of how they will help you achieve your goals. Listen to their plan, and begin to visualize how it will help you feel and look better physically.