Why You Should Use A Rowing Machine

Fitness centers commonly have a wide range of aerobic machines for their members to use. A lot of people gravitate toward the treadmill, as it allows them to pursue the familiar activity of walking or jogging. When you visit your gym, it's worthwhile to take note of the other aerobic machines and give some a try. There's no need to be intimidated by something new; you can always ask a staff member for a brief tutorial on how to use a machine so that you can get on it with confidence. If you've never used a rowing machine, this is a type of workout to consider for the following reasons.

Full-Body Workout

Using a rowing machine gives you a full-body workout, which is ideal if you're keen on strengthening your entire body while you burn calories. Other exercise machines are effective for one or more areas of your body, but not necessarily all of your major muscle groups. For example, while a treadmill workout helps to strengthen your legs, your arms won't get stronger because they don't face any resistance. When you use a rowing machine, you're using your upper and lower body as you perform each rowing stroke.

No Joint Impact

Some people find that various aerobic exercises are challenging because of joint issues. For those who have knee pain or foot pain, for example, using a treadmill may create some discomfort because of the impact that occurs with every stride. If you want to burn calories and build muscle without causing impact to your joints, a rowing machine is a good option to pursue. You'll likely be able to dedicate time to this type of workout without experiencing any joint discomfort. This will allow you to exercise as often as you'd like.

Creates Variety

While some people can successfully use the same aerobic machine several times a week for months or even years, others may feel bored with this approach. Feelings of boredom about working out can be challenging, as you may start to skip fitness center visits if you don't feel excited about your workout. Trying a rowing machine is ideal because it creates variety if you're used to other machines such as the treadmill. You'll find that the new challenge excites you, and you'll be able to use the machine's screen to track your results and try to improve them each time. Visit your area fitness center to check out its rowing machines.