How Women Can Build Strength

For many women, learning how to build strength is a crucial part of their routine. Whether you have never stepped foot into a weight room or you used to go and stopped trying to build strength, you may want to return to the gym and start gaining muscle. These tips are sure to help you. Lift Weights Many women are afraid of lifting weights, perhaps because they think it will make them " Read More 

Dos And Don’ts Of Buying Kettlebells For Your Workouts

Kettlebells are an increasingly popular type of fitness equipment, which may make you interested in buying them to incorporate into your workouts. A brief internet search can give you a lengthy list of exercises that you can perform with kettlebells, and you can certainly count on this equipment helping to transform your body. Here are some dos and don'ts that you should remember when you start to shop for kettlebells. Read More 

Are You Ready To Get In Shape After Your Divorce? 4 Tips To Prep For Your Personal Fitness Consultation

The process of going through a divorce often causes people to think about self-improvement. You might also have more time to go to the gym, and feeling physically better can have a huge impact on your mental health. While you are eager to get fit, you may have realized that it has been some time since you participated in a serious workout. When you are serious about getting in shape, a personal fitness consultation can help you find someone to help you figure out what works best for your body. Read More 

Three Major Benefits Of Paying The Extra Cost For Small Group Strength Training Classes

Any time you have a small group class, private training, or semi-private class or training offered, the cost for these classes goes up a bit. It actually makes sense, once you understand why these classes cost more and learn that there are plenty of benefits over and above large group classes. It is worth it to pay the extra money when you want to take a small group strength training class, and here is why. Read More 

How To Lose Fat Without Crash Dieting: Safe Strategies

Losing fat is one of the most talked about and highly promoted topics in the world. Seemingly everyone wants to lose fat (not weight, necessarily). And because of this, there are so many dieting methods out there. The one that most people agree is not a great idea is the crash diet. This is not going to give you sustainable results, and it is also not a healthy method to proceed with. Read More