Exposing Common Myths About Youth Kickboxing

Ensuring that your child is active in sports can be an excellent way of helping to keep them healthy while teaching valuable skills. However, many parents may not be very aware of the various sports that they can choose for their child. In particular, it can be common for parents to believe some common notions about kickboxing. Once you have these myths refuted, you should find that you can better evaluate if this sport is a good match for your child's needs. Read More 

Three Considerations When Choosing A Pre-Workout Supplement

If your exercise routine includes weightlifting, and you're at the point where your routine is becoming super-intense, you might feel like you are not quite powerful or energetic enough to make the progress you want. Your first two steps in remedying this are to ensure that your diet is healthy and adequate, and to ensure you're not overtraining. But if those -- and your sleep habits -- are looking good, the next step might be supplementation. Read More 

Try These Exercises To Breathe New Life Into Your Weight-Loss Workouts

When you're attempting to lose weight through a healthy combination of diet and exercise, it can be easy for the latter to start feeling stale. If you've used jogging as a method of burning calories, for example, you might begin to feel resistant about lacing up your running shoes and heading out your front door. Don't let your lack of enthusiasm for a certain type of exercise derail your weight-loss progress. Read More 

3 Important Tips For Choosing A Home Fitness Personal Trainer

Choosing a home fitness personal trainer can be a challenge, especially if there are many candidates to choose from where you live. After making a list of potential trainers in your area, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. The following tips will help you choose the right personal trainer for your needs. Interview Candidates After amassing a list of various potential candidates, make arrangements to meet (or talk on the phone with) your top picks. Read More