Try These Exercises To Breathe New Life Into Your Weight-Loss Workouts

When you're attempting to lose weight through a healthy combination of diet and exercise, it can be easy for the latter to start feeling stale. If you've used jogging as a method of burning calories, for example, you might begin to feel resistant about lacing up your running shoes and heading out your front door. Don't let your lack of enthusiasm for a certain type of exercise derail your weight-loss progress. By shifting your attention to different physical activities, you can expect to feel more engaged about working out and help keep the pounds burning off. Here are some exercises to try.


Many local boxing gyms offer fitness boxing classes for those who are eager to find a new way to lose weight but aren't interested in actually stepping into the ring to spar. This workout will often include hitting the heavy bag, as well as various cardiovascular components -- often alternated with workouts on the heavy bag. This boxing activity yields a significant caloric burn, which is vital for losing weight. For example, a 155-pound person can expect to burn more than 400 calories in one hour of using the heavy bag.

Jumping Rope

If you enjoyed jumping rope as a child, now might be the time to give this simple workout another try. Jumping rope is ideal because you can easily perform it in the comfort of home and the equipment is minimal. Although the precise rate that you'll burn calories is dictated by your body's weight, it's possible to burn about 10 calories per minute of performing this exercise. Try this exercise in a number of one-minute intervals throughout the day and you'll generate a sizable caloric burn.


If you're the type of person who finds more workout motivation when you're getting physical with others, playing basketball can be the answer. Grab a ball, gather up some friends and head to the local park for some competition and help meeting your weight-loss goals. Someone who weighs 150 pounds and plays a game of basketball for half an hour will burn more than 270 calories, on average.

In-Line Skating

In-line skating is an ideal cardiovascular activity because, unlike running, there's minimal impact to your lower-body joints. Giving this sport a try can increase your enthusiasm about working out once again, as well as burn calories rapidly. A 150-pound person who travels at a pace of around nine miles per hour can expect to burn more than 400 calories during an in-line skating workout. Click here for more information about a losing weight plan.