How To Lose Fat Without Crash Dieting: Safe Strategies

Losing fat is one of the most talked about and highly promoted topics in the world. Seemingly everyone wants to lose fat (not weight, necessarily). And because of this, there are so many dieting methods out there. The one that most people agree is not a great idea is the crash diet. This is not going to give you sustainable results, and it is also not a healthy method to proceed with. Read More 

Reasons To Give Goat Yoga A Try

If you're a casual yoga enthusiast, you might have heard about goat yoga and been curious about it. This increasingly popular form of yoga often takes place outdoors, but can also occur indoors, and involves actual, live goats. While your instructor leads the class through a series of postures, a handful of goats will roam around you — and, often, actually climb onto you while you're holding a certain position. If you haven't yet given this type of yoga a try, there's no better time than no. Read More