Reasons To Give Goat Yoga A Try

If you're a casual yoga enthusiast, you might have heard about goat yoga and been curious about it. This increasingly popular form of yoga often takes place outdoors, but can also occur indoors, and involves actual, live goats. While your instructor leads the class through a series of postures, a handful of goats will roam around you — and, often, actually climb onto you while you're holding a certain position. If you haven't yet given this type of yoga a try, there's no better time than no. Here are some reasons to book a goat yoga session.

It Can Re-Energize Your Yoga Practice 

Those who take yoga only casually can often benefit from finding a way to get energized about it. Goat yoga can be the answer in this regard, getting you excited about your goat yoga class and perhaps some other forms of yoga afterward. There's little disputing that goat yoga is highly entertaining. While conventional yoga classes are mostly quiet, goat yoga sessions can be a lot more lively — often, they're punctuated by the delighted laughs of the practitioners as the goats climb over them.

It Provides Connection With Animals

If you don't have much regular exposure to farm animals, you might not give much thought to sustainable farming practices. While such problems as factory farming conditions might not be on your mind when you start your goat yoga session, you may be thinking about this issue by the end of the class. Goat yoga gives you a special connection with animals and, because these classes often take place on farms, you'll gain an appreciation for farms that provide ample space for their animals to run around. This yoga practice could compel you to make different food choices, such as going vegetarian or avoiding buying meat from factory farms.

It Takes Place In A Desirable Environment

While you might enjoy visiting local yoga studios for occasional classes, the idea of spending this time indoors may not always be suitable for you if you're someone who favors being out in nature. One of the best reasons to enroll in a goat yoga class is the environment. It can be relaxing doing yoga out in nature, and you may enjoy the feeling of the grass beneath your body as you go through the movements. If you live in a city, traveling a short distance out of the city to practice yoga on farmland can also be relaxing.