Three Major Benefits Of Paying The Extra Cost For Small Group Strength Training Classes

Any time you have a small group class, private training, or semi-private class or training offered, the cost for these classes goes up a bit. It actually makes sense, once you understand why these classes cost more and learn that there are plenty of benefits over and above large group classes. It is worth it to pay the extra money when you want to take a small group strength training class, and here is why.

Your Instructor Makes Sure You Are Doing the Exercises Correctly

Your body does not benefit from doing exercises incorrectly. In a large group class, there is usually not enough time for the instructor to go around and correct everyone taking the class. People end up doing the exercises wrong and not getting the results they want. In a small group class, the instructor can go from person to person, correcting form, posture, and movement to get the exact results you should be getting. The instructor also checks the weights, bands, and other strength training equipment you are using to make sure you are using the right equipment for your level of strength and abilities. 

There Is Extra Time Built into the Class for Custom Exercises

If you enroll in a training class that only has about six people in it, there is time built into the class where you can ask the instructor for target toning exercises. The instructor can customize the routines so that everyone gets toning exercises to maximize results. As soon as your target areas are showing signs of strength and improvement, the instructor will take notice and change your routine again so that it continues to benefit you. In a large class setting, there is not enough time to consistently do that or to do that for everyone in the class. 

You Can Easily Find an Exercise Partner or Spotter

The hardest thing about strength training is finding a partner who will spot you. There may be an odd number of people coming to the large class, and not everyone gets a partner. In the smaller class, there is typically a limited, even number of participants, and not that many people in the class know each other. Ergo, it is easier to find a partner/spotter to help you do reps in class and practice reps outside of class time. The instructor is also more accessible outside of class time for any questions you may have.