Dos And Don’ts Of Buying Kettlebells For Your Workouts

Kettlebells are an increasingly popular type of fitness equipment, which may make you interested in buying them to incorporate into your workouts. A brief internet search can give you a lengthy list of exercises that you can perform with kettlebells, and you can certainly count on this equipment helping to transform your body. Here are some dos and don'ts that you should remember when you start to shop for kettlebells.

Do: Buy Them In Pairs

It might be tempting to buy just one kettlebell, and there are definitely plenty of exercises that you can perform with a single one of these weights. However, you should plan to buy two kettlebells of the same weight. Two kettlebells give you a far higher number of exercises to try, namely because you can hold one weight in each hand at the same time. Whether you're doing simple biceps curls or trying a complicated compound exercise, a pair of kettlebells will be an asset.

Don't: Worry About Unique Shapes

Typically, kettlebells are circular with a handle. However, more and more fitness companies are making these weights in different shapes for the purpose of adding visual appeal. For example, some companies make their kettlebells in the shape of wild animal faces. There's no doubt that these shapes can be appealing, but they often cost more — and may not be worth the extra money. Remember, you're using your kettlebells to work out, not to be entertained by their appearance.

Do: Keep The Weight Low

You might be surprised at how challenging a variety of exercises can be with a low-weight kettlebell. Don't automatically assume that you need to buy these weights in high-weight versions in order to increase your strength. The handle of the kettlebell gives you so much versatility in terms of how you use the weight, and a 20- or 25-pound weight can often be more than enough to challenge your body. If you go too heavy, you may struggle to perform certain exercises safely.

Don't: Worry About Vinyl Dipping

When you shop for kettlebells, you'll notice that some have a plain cast iron or steel finish, while others are dipped in colorful vinyl. The vinyl coating helps to prevent damage from you banging the kettlebells together. The reality is that kettlebells are virtually indestructible, and hitting one with another isn't likely going to cause damage. If the vinyl-dipped kettlebells are more money, you can feel confident buying those without this design feature.