4 Yoga Mat Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a beloved form of exercise. Some people enjoy it for its physical benefits, while others use it as a way to cultivate mindfulness. No matter why you practice yoga, you want to get the most out of your yoga practice. Few supplies are needed for a successful yoga session, but a yoga mat is indispensable. Here are four yoga mat tips that will help you enjoy your yoga practice to the fullest:

1. Purchase a yoga mat that suits your needs.

Yoga mats are long, rectangular mats made from rubber or vinyl. They provide traction for bare hands and feet, in addition to cushioning your skin from the hard ground. Some people need more cushioning than others due to preexisting joint conditions. Fortunately, you can find yoga mats that offer extra padding. Folding yoga mats can be folded to increase padding in certain areas. People with sore wrists or knees should look for a folding yoga mat that can accommodate their condition.

2. Choose a non-slip yoga mat.

Yoga may seem deceptively easy at first glance, but anyone who's tried it knows how quickly you can work up a sweat. Stay safe while practicing yoga by choosing a non-slip yoga mat. A non-slip yoga mat will allow you to get a good grip with your hands and feet, no matter what position you're in. Non-slip yoga mats come in all different colors, so you can still indulge your sense of style. Purchase a lotus-printed yoga mat to enjoy the peaceful image of a beautiful flower while you exercise.

3. Clean your yoga mat after each session.

A high-quality yoga mat can last for several years, as long as you care for it. Keep your yoga mat clean and odor-free by wiping it down after each yoga session. Cleaning your yoga mat is easy. Simply dilute mild liquid soap in a spray bottle and gently mist your yoga mat. Wipe your homemade cleaning solution off with a clean cloth or paper towel before allowing your mat to air dry.

4. Store your yoga mat appropriately when it's not in use.

Yoga mats can become damaged if they're stored improperly. Heavy objects can dent yoga mats that are left on the ground. Once your yoga mat is clean and dry, fold it up and store it somewhere safe. Folding yoga mats are ideal for anyone with space constraints since they can be easily stored under a bed or in the closet.

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