Lose Weight Fasting

If you are looking for a good way to lose weight, then you should learn more about fasting. When some people hear the word "fast" they automatically imagine someone giving up food for a certain length of time for religious reasons. However, fasting can be very helpful for weight loss and it can be done in a healthy way. Here is more information on the topic of fasting for weight loss: 

There are many ways to fast

Something a lot of people don't understand is that there are many different ways in which you can follow a fasting regimen. You can do a 24-hour fast, you can do an 18-hour fast, you can do a 12-hour fast, and you can even do an 8-hour fast. In fact, there is also an "OMAD" fast and this simply means that you only eat one meal a day. In order to lose weight, most people choose to follow their fasting schedule every day, unless they are doing the 24-hour fast, and in this case, they may do the fast for more than one day, but generally not for more than three. If doing a 24-hour fast for longer than a couple of days, then the person should consider getting the approval of their doctor just to make sure that it would be healthy for them. 

There are clean and dirty fasts

Another thing that some people don't realize is that there are clean fasts and there are dirty fasts. A clean fast means that the person eats or drinks nothing at all except water, plain tea, or black coffee. With a clean fast, even chewing gum is off-limits. A dirty fast means that the person allows them to take in a limited amount of things that won't completely throw off a fast, but that will somewhat hinder it, such as drinking a diet soda, putting a small amount of milk and sugar in their cup of coffee, chewing gum, etc. Some people find that they can still see good weight loss results with a dirty fast, while others find that they have to strictly follow a clean fast in order to see the results they want. 


Some people will have a certain amount of weight they want to lose in a month. If this is the case for you, then you may want to try a 30-day fasting fat meltdown workout program that will help you to shed those pounds.