Day Camp Programs For Teens

Day camps that focus on fitness and nutrition offer programs that are geared toward all age ranges. If your teen wants to bulk up their muscles but is concerned about gaining too much weight, a day camp may offer them the tools they need to achieve their targeted fitness goal. 


A day camp may feature indoor and outdoor programs that each target a particular fitness goal. For instance, a day camp may feature programs that are designed for losing weight, programs that are designed to increase muscle mass, and programs that are designed to increase agility and range of motion. At a day camp, all of the essentials needed to reshape a participant's mindset and help them achieve their goal will be furnished.

A program that is designed to increase muscle mass may consist of participating in some fitness center activities. Participants may be supplied with free weights, weight benches, and other equipment that will target specific muscle groups. This type of program is suitable for anyone who would like to be introduced to strength training. 

Additional Details And Essentials

A program that is designed for teens will require you to fill out an application form. The hours that a day camp operates and the total cost of a fitness program will be furnished. A day camp may offer programs that coincide with the hours that schools are typically in session. There may be a strength training program being offered that is held after school lets out or on the weekend. A day camp program that will last many hours will likely include snacks and meals with the cost of admission.

If this is the case, your teen will be able to sit down and relax with other day camp members whenever food is served. A camp program may feature nutritious foods that will support your teen's fitness goal. Being mindful of what your teen is eating will help them get accustomed to a new fitness routine. They can incorporate these same foods into the meals that they consume when they are at home.

The camp program will outline any equipment that your teen will need to bring with them. A change of clothes, a towel, an exercise mat, and weighted wrist or ankle bands are some examples of items that you may need to supply. You can purchase a duffel bag for your teen to transport their gear to the day camp each day.

Contact a local day camp to learn more.