Three Major Benefits Of Paying The Extra Cost For Small Group Strength Training Classes

Any time you have a small group class, private training, or semi-private class or training offered, the cost for these classes goes up a bit. It actually makes sense, once you understand why these classes cost more and learn that there are plenty of benefits over and above large group classes. It is worth it to pay the extra money when you want to take a small group strength training class, and here is why. Read More 

How To Lose Fat Without Crash Dieting: Safe Strategies

Losing fat is one of the most talked about and highly promoted topics in the world. Seemingly everyone wants to lose fat (not weight, necessarily). And because of this, there are so many dieting methods out there. The one that most people agree is not a great idea is the crash diet. This is not going to give you sustainable results, and it is also not a healthy method to proceed with. Read More 

Reasons To Give Goat Yoga A Try

If you're a casual yoga enthusiast, you might have heard about goat yoga and been curious about it. This increasingly popular form of yoga often takes place outdoors, but can also occur indoors, and involves actual, live goats. While your instructor leads the class through a series of postures, a handful of goats will roam around you — and, often, actually climb onto you while you're holding a certain position. If you haven't yet given this type of yoga a try, there's no better time than no. Read More 

Exposing Common Myths About Youth Kickboxing

Ensuring that your child is active in sports can be an excellent way of helping to keep them healthy while teaching valuable skills. However, many parents may not be very aware of the various sports that they can choose for their child. In particular, it can be common for parents to believe some common notions about kickboxing. Once you have these myths refuted, you should find that you can better evaluate if this sport is a good match for your child's needs. Read More 

Three Considerations When Choosing A Pre-Workout Supplement

If your exercise routine includes weightlifting, and you're at the point where your routine is becoming super-intense, you might feel like you are not quite powerful or energetic enough to make the progress you want. Your first two steps in remedying this are to ensure that your diet is healthy and adequate, and to ensure you're not overtraining. But if those -- and your sleep habits -- are looking good, the next step might be supplementation. Read More